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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 03:46:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas Piers
Subject: The Parking Garage Part two (T/T, oral)The Parking Garage part two
(T/T, oral)Copyright by Thomas PiersEmail: thomaspiersyahoo.comLEGAL DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ: You must be at least 18 years of age or
over to read this type of story. Do not read this kind of story if it is
illegal in your country. bbs models girl
This story contains scenes of an explicit nature
featuring consensual gay sex between teenagers. This story is a based on a
true life event however the names have been changed to conceal the true
identities of the participants. This story bbs galleries kids
features, what in today's
society would be deemed unsafe sexual practices. The author urges anyone
engaging in sexual activity to use the head young info bbs
that rests on their shoulders
and practice safe sex by using a condom or sticking to only one sex
partner.This story may not be copied, re-edited, sold, mutilated free ebony pics bbs
or reproduced in
any form whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright
holder. Permission is granted, however, if the story is re-posted in it's
entire form (with full credit to the author) to an appropriate newsgroup
and as long as the disclaimer, and this copyright message remain intact and
no fee is charged for access young girls bbs
to this story. Copyright (c) 2004 Thomas
Piers. All Rights Reserved. E-mail all comments and suggestions to:
thomaspiersyahoo.comDo not bother wasting your time and my japan bbs forum
time by sending me spam emails &
flames as they will be immediately deleted and ignored. In addition, don't
bother sending virii as attachments as I do not accept elwebbs board3
attachments from
anyone without specifically asking for something first. I also use bbs home vids
an Apple
Macintosh to write these bbs model nude
stories so sending me your PC virii is pointless
since my computer could not do anything with them anyway.Any resemblance to anyone's real life experience is a mere
coincidence. Enjoy the story!------------------ story begins
-----------------------------------------------Now that I knew that Nick was interested in guys, I took every conceivable
opportunity that I could to get him and babes gibbstown
I together alone long enough for us
to have sex together. Usually we would schedule to go to the child top100 bbs
boy's bathroom
on the same floor at the same time. We would suck each other off unless
someone walked into the bathroom, in which we tried to cover up as best as
we could so that no one would suspect that there were 2 guys together
sharing the same bathroom stall. Back then, being found out would cause no
end to the amount of problems associated with people top sex bbs
knowing that you were
gay or did gay bbs dark
sex acts.While my time with zeps bbs board
pedo rusia bbs
Nick was enjoyable, it was also frustrating at times
because sometimes we would start sucking each off only to have to stop when
someone would walk in. I really wanted to be able to spend a day with Nick
where there would be no interruptions. I wanted sufficient enough time for
us freepics bbs
to enjoy sucking each other's cocks.As luck would have it, there was a weekend trip planned by my sister. She
was going to be spending Saturday and Sunday at the beach and my mother was
going to panty image bbs
be going with her as they had made arrangements to stay at the
hotel where the beach was located. My dad was supposed to stay with me that
entire weekend but I knew that he was not the type to spend an entire
weekend at home. I knew that he was going to be spending his day at the
race track so that I would have the house to little cuties bbs kds
myself. I asked my parents if
it was ok for me to invite my friend Nick over for the weekend as we wanted
to study together (I did not tell them of course that what I really wanted
to do was to study Nick's nude body) and they both felt that it was ok so
long as we behaved. I promised them that we would be on our best xxx bbs messageboards
and would not cause any problems for them.As soon as I knew that we were going to have the house to ourselves dark underground bbs
for the
weekend, I contacted Nick and told him the good news. I told him I would
tell him bbs ls sex
more when I lsm magazine bbs
saw him at school on Monday.When we finally did meet on Monday, I told him about my family's plans best rompl bbs sites
the fact that we were going to have the weekend together without worrying
about interruptions. indian sex bbs
I told him that I was looking forward to spending some
quality time with him but I wanted to ask him a favor first. I told him
that while I really enjoyed sucking his big cock and I loved the taste of
his sweet cum juice, I really wanted to receive a lot of it when he shot
his load this weekend. Therefore, I asked him if he could keep from
touching himself for as long as he could this week so that when he did get
to cum on Saturday, he would flood my mouth with his cum. He told me that
he would try to keep from touching himself as much as he could but it bbs forum boy
asking a lot for him to stop touching himself for a whole week given how
horny he was all the time however, I told him that I would be doing the
same so that we teens collection bbs
could both have a massive orgasm on Saturday.I don't remember too much what happened the rest of the week while we
waited for Saturday to arrive but except to try to keep my promise to Nick
not to touch myself for the entire week. It wasn't any easy thing to do but
somehow I managed to do it without driving myself crazy. I think all my
dreams that week centered around sex and Nick so it seems my mind was
wanting the mpegs bbs
weekend to arrive so that young ls bbs blog
the fun could begin.Finally Saturday arrived. Nick came in teens forum bbs
early at 8:00 a.m. as I expected him
too. My sister and mom left shortly afterwards at 8:30 a.m. followed by
father at 9:00 a.m. We waited for about bbs bbs fozya vombat
15 minutes to make sure that my dad
was gone and was not returning back before proceeding to do anything that
might cause us to get in trouble."Ok Nick. I think we waited long enough. I don't expect my dad to be back
until probably at least 1 or 2 a.m. if he spends his typical day at the
race banji bbs
track. What do you say to you and I taking a shower together?""Sounds good to me Tom. Let's go!"I took Nick's hand and lead him to the shower, closing the bathroom door
more of habit then any other reason. While Nick and I had seen each other's
penises several times already, we always had to keep on teen link bbs
a certain amount of
clothing just in case someone showed up. This was going to be the first
time that we were going to be completed naked in front of each other and we
both took our time getting undressed, knowing that this was going to be our
first child bbs photos
time being completely naked in front bbs group sex
of each other.Getting undressed slowly to take a shower was unusual for me. I normally
get out of my clothes quickly and enter the shower stall quickly but not
today. I wanted to savor every moment, glancing at Nick as more 14 yo teens bbs
and more of
his clothing came off, revealing his beautiful body. I really turned me on
not only to watch him as he undressed but ls magazine bbs rapidshare
I was also turned on by the idea
that he was watching me as each article of clothing was coming off my body,
revealing my birthday suit underneath.Eventually we were both nude nude bbs models gallery
as we were ever going to be and both of us
were very much aroused by the obvious boners that we were both
sporting. Both of our dicks were rock hard, begging for attention. I told
Nick that although we were both horny, we were really going to take a
shower together but no sex play until we reached the bedrooms. I told him
that my plans were to suck him off in my parents bedroom, 6 lug bbs wheels
move to my
sisters bedroom where I would fuck him, then we would move to my bedroom
where he would fuck me on my own bed and finally return back to my parent's
bedroom where he would suck me off to complete the cycle as it were.Nick managed to cooperate but both photo cp bbs
of us did spend a lot of time getting
lots of soap on our hands so that we can clean each other off well. We both
especially focused on our partner's butt cheeks, squeezing them as we
washed them. I can even remember little slaps as part of the showering
process. We also made sure to wash each other's cocks well, making sure to
get them all nice and up to bbs asian
soapy as we stroked them up and down. The soap sure
did help but I warned him not to overdo it otherwise we bbs kds free
both shoot before
we really wanted to. I reminded Nick teenie bbs models
that what I really wanted was for him
shoot teens naked bbs
his cum into my mouth and not in my tits in tops bbs
hand. I also told him that I was
pretty sure that he bbs nudist photos
wanted to do the same thing when it came to sex with
me.After we had finished free pics teen bbs
with our shower, we had to get partially dressed in
order to get to my parent's bedroom. I should explain that my house was a
series of connected rooms and bbs japan girl pic
the bathroom was connected next to a
kitchen/dining room, followed tiny pussies bbs
by the living room, and then the russian nonude bbs
bedrooms. Only a child porn cp bbs
door on either side of the room separated the bedrooms so
my bedroom had 1 door that separated the living room from my bedroom and
another door that separated my room from my sister's room. My sister's room
had the very same door that separated my room and her room as well as the
other door that separated her room from our parents. My parent's room only
had the one door that separated their room from my sister.Once we entered my room, we closed the door that separated my room and the
living room and proceeded to pull down the shades to the windows so that we
would be able to go from one room to the other without having to worry
about the noisy neighbors peering through the windows and seeing something
that we did not wish for them to see.Once we respect bbs
had arrived at my parent's room and all the windows shades were
pulled down, the fun really began. Nick was about to begin to get undressed
but I told Nick to stand kds bbs video
in the room and let me take care of undressing
him."Nick, don't take off your clothes yet. I just want to stand in the room
and let me take off your clothes for you. After I have removed your
clothes, I want you to do tgp bbs top
the same for me, ok?""Ok, Tom. I will do exactly as you do but hurry up. I want to get started!""Ok, ok! I hear you. I want to get started soon too but right now, I want
the pleasure of being the one to remove your clothes and enjoying every
inch of that beautiful body of yours."With those words, I began to lift off his t-shirt, revealing a night shirt
underneath. I began to massage his shoulders ls bd modelscom bbs
before pulling off his night
shirt, revealing his lovely chest and stomach. I began to kiss his neck,
slowly tiny bbs models
kissing my way down his body until I reach real bbs nude
his right nipple. Once I
did, I gave it a tiny bite with my teeth and then used my tongue to try to
get it stiff. At the same time that I was kissing his right nipple, I
pinched his left nipple with two fingers, trying to also get it to stiffen
as well."Hmmm.. that feels nice Tom. I hope that tongue of yours works as well on
my cock""It will. Trust me."I then began to rub the front of his shorts, trying to get his obviously
already aroused cock even more aroused, if that was possible. amateur sex bbs board
After rubbing
it for a while, I unbuckled his belt, undid the button, pulled down his fly
and then grab both his briefs and bbs ls link
pants and pulled them down to his ankles
in one motion.I had Nick lift his legs so that I was able to completely remove his pants
and briefs, and now I was looking at his very stiff cock. I then took his
cock in my hand, guestbook boy bbs
jacked it once or twice bd sisters models bbs
before dropping to my knees and
taking it into ls bbs child nude
my mouth.Immediately, Nick moaned as his cock entered my mouth and I started bobbing
up and down his cock, using my tongue to stimulate bbs bib
the head of his cock as
I knew that this was the most sensitive part. It felt so good to be sliding
his dick in and out of bbs loitas model
my mouth, feeling his pubic hair as it would come in
contact with my nose. I really loved the scent of Nick's entire cock area.Nick had a certain boy smell around his cock that was very intoxicating and
made me drunk with the desire to suck him japan xxx bbs
off forever but given how horny
Nick was before we vombat bbs list
had even started, 15 old sex bbs
it did not take too long before I felt
Nick stiffen and reward me with a massive amount teenies bbs toplist
of his tasty seed. Nick
had kept his promise not to touch himself too much bbs small sex movie
this week because there
was a large amount of his cum, more so than what he would normally release
when he came and every drop that came out of his marvelous dick was
delicious. I wanted to make sure to drink it all and not let any of divine
juice escape. His juice tasted much too good to allow it to go to waste by
letting it spill out of my mouth and onto the floor.I was rewarded with squirt after squirt of his cum and I managed to somehow
keep up with his spurts, not allowing thai porn bbs
any of his precious seed to leave my
mouth. Oh my god! It tasted 13 yo nude bbs
so good. I was so glad that Nick had kept his
promise and stored his cum for this one moment. I would have liked to have
been given child model bbs
more time as far as sucking him off before he came but you can
not have everything. Once Nick was finally done releasing his load, I
proceeded to jack him off just to get the last few drops and then used my
tongue on his piss slit to get it all in my mouth."My, my. Looks bbs lo porn teen
like someone was thirsty for my juice. Did you enjoy sucking
me off Tom?""Oh god, yes Nick! I really loved sucking your cock. I would have liked for
it to have lasted a japan bbs sex
little longer but given the bonus of the extra cum that
you saved up for me this week, I can't really complain""Thanks Tom. It wasn't easy not to touch myself this week but I did not
want to disappoint you so I just thought about stuff like math, history,
and other junk whenever nude kids bbs free
I noticed my cock was getting hard. Somehow I
managed to keep from touching myself this week but it was worth it since it
felt so good to finally cum this week!""Well, now it's my turn. Let's go to my sister's bedroom so that I can fuck
you.""Wait Tom. I know that we agreed little pussy bbs
to having you fuck me next but I rumania little bbs kds
want to
taste your cum too. If you cum in my ass, there won't be as much cum when
we do return back bbs data a1
to this room for my turn sucking you off. Couldn't tozukou bbs
I suck
you off right now? You did so the same thing as I did and not touch
yourself this week, right?""Yeah Nick. I did not touch myself at all this past week since I wanted to
save it for you. I guess what you bbs sex lo
are saying makes sense so I would not
mind if we change the schedule of events and have you suck me off now
rather than later.""Great! My turn to strip you then. I can't wait to wrap my lips around your
cock, Tom""Well then, take off my clothes quickly. I am getting horny from all this
sex talk"With that, Nick took off my clothes in record time. There was no slow
teasing and kissing as I had done earlier with him. He just got chubby tgp bbs
me out of
my clothes, down ls models bbs
on his knees, and immediately begin to bob up and down on
my cock. There ranchi bbs pedo
was no play at all in Nick's technique. He meant business
and wanted me to release my cum into his mouth real soon. I was taken back
by the intensity of his sucking and knew that I would not be able to hold
off for any amount of time."Oooohhhh Nick! That feels so good. You suck my cock so well. Oh god, I
don't know how much more I can hold off. You are sucking me too good russian boy bbs moves
for bbs litle
to be able to hold off from cumming in your mouth. Oooohhhh...just a few
more strokes Nick. Keep doing what you are doing...ooohhhh...ooooohhhh...oh
shit!"With that, I felt my legs give out a little and I leaned over Nick as my
cock was cumming hard. It was cumming out so fast that it nearly hurt. I
thought for sure that lol bbs nudism pics
Nick was going to choke from all the juice that my
body was releasing but somehow he managed to drink it tiny pretteen bbs
all down. It is so
awesome to have someone video post bbs
accept you like that and drink every drop of jizz
without complaining about the taste. Nick seemed to want even more of my
jizz and kept on bobbing up and down the entire length of my cock, stopping
sometimes with only the head of my lol bbs guestbook
cock in his mouth as he would stroke me
with one of his hands, trying to get me to release more of my precious
fluid. Nick would greedily slurp it, wanting more each time."So how was that Tom? Did you enjoy yourself?""Are you kidding Nick? I was cumming so hard that it hurt. God you are
intense when it comes pussy bbs
to sucking cock. Couldn't you have at least slowed bbs angels teens
down a little bit? I liked it but I really wanted to last a little longer.""Sorry Tom but I really wanted to taste your cock juice very badly and did
not want to wait. I know that I probably should have gone more slowly but I
was really looking forward to having your cock spill out its hot, creamy
jizz into my hungry mouth. Maybe next bbs shave
time I will allow for a slower build
up but right now, I really needed for you to cum inside my mouth badly and
I did whatever I felt was necessary to get you to release it soon.""Well I guess I really shouldn't have complained. I was just surprised by
the way that you sucked me off so fast. It was a little faster than what we
normally do but it still felt good, no doubt about that Nick.""Glad to hear that. As you can see my dick is hard again so what do you say
to us going to your bedroom so that I can have the honor of fucking you up
the ass for the first time?""Ok, but bbs fucking free
take your time this time. I have never been fucked before and I
guess that I am a little afraid rompl kds pedo bbs
that it might bbs kds young
hurt.""Well it hurts a little Tom. I don't want to lie to you but there is no way
to completely remove the pain but the pain japan teenies galleries bbs
is eventually removed and
replaced with pleasure. Trust me naked kds bbs
on this. You are going to love it. I
promise you. Just don't tighten up when I enter you so that we can minimize
the pain, ok""ok, I will try Nick but bbs child sex movie
no promises. I am still just a little scared by
the prospect of having your big lo tgp bbs cute
cock up my ass. bbs girl boy pictures
I know that I want all of
it inside me and having you banging away hard but I am still scared of your
size and how it might hurt"If you enjoyed this story and would like bbs hentai art
to hear more about the rest of
this story, let me know by emailing me at
Twitter: 1

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